The CEO of Sugar Group Companies is Gunawan Jusuf

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Sugar Group Companies is one of the biggest and most successful sugar cane plantation and manufacturing companies in all of Indonesia. The firm is headquartered in an area of Indonesia called Lampung Province. However, Sugar Group Companies has a dozen offices located all over Indonesia. There are a number of sugar plantations working with the Sugar Group Companies’ sugar factories in Indonesia, numbering some 60,000 hectares in the Lampung Province. Gulaku is The Sugar Group Companies’ main product—it is a premium, commercial sugar cane product.

Sugar Group Companies also operates three different subsidiary companies. PT Indo Lampung Parkasa, PT Sweet Indo Lampung, and PT Gula Putih Mataram are the three subsidiaries. These subsidiary companies were created in order to produce and then distribute sugar cane to retailers and wholesalers. Sugar Group Companies is expanding and growing all the time. As a result, the company is currently searching for young professionals to join their team. They are looking for young, talented, professionals who are motivated, dynamic, and creative. Sugar Group Companies is a great place for a young professional in any sort of engineering field to work.

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